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President's Message

Resurgent and Shining India! are some of the headlines we have been coming across during the last few years. The overall performance of Indians both within and outside has drawn the attention of leading economists and thinkers. India is inching her way into commerce, literature, arts, philosophy, science and technology stealthily and gracefully. She has not used sword to lord over others in the past and nor at present. Now, very few can take her for granted. All these developments are becoming possible due to our questioning ability, enlightened doubt, independent and fearless thinking which help to find an alternative answer to a given question. India has a huge intellectual history. Here the culture interacts with technology and communications. Part of the success here is because of the culture." Those few Indians who have done well both in the country and abroad are but sparks of geniuses. In future, we hope to see more of their genre.

When we look at the enormity of the pressing problems facing the country like hunger, poverty, disease and economic plight of the marginalized, we need hundreds and thousands of such genius and dedicated people. We need that kind of development which will reduce the class differences. We should strive for inclusive growth and sustainable human development where people will have to fulfilled, lifelong, healthy and creative life. Where even the marginalized can safely join the main stream lives who can independently select his development programme. Every individual should have a decent job and a fair chance to prove himself.

Now students prefer to pursue those disciplines which are 'cool' and provide them more income. This education is making people more and more self centered. Human relations are becoming more fragile. Market led and technology driven progress may not augur well for the mental and social health of the nation. Many look for comfortable lazy and non-controversial life. But as Socrates said, "An unexamined life is not worth living."

Let us define value education which will humanize the young minds, which will impress upon them the importance of hard work, humility and teach them social difficulties. Then probably we can make them active and enlightened citizenry and in the process incredible India! All this could possible because of team spirit and working with oneness.

Our Sangha has started the college with humble beginning to uplift socially and economically under privileged class of the society as "Vidya Danam is much more than Anna Danam"

Like wise we the Karnataka Sangh, Manjunatha School and College teachers and Professors are doing their best to educate the students to bring the name and fame of our institution.

On behalf of members of Managing Committee, let me appreciate the teaching & non-teaching staff for their un-tired, dedicated and valuable services behind this success. We could achieve all these success due to their honest, hard and sincere efforts by shaping the young minds. They always believed in the philosophy of "Work is Worship". They always try to put their efforts. However luck is not in our hand but work is in our hand. Our work can make the luck but luck cannot make our work. Therefore they could trust in their work than the luck.

At this juncture, I acknowledge the co-operation of our teachers/Non-teaching staff and the unstained support of our beloved students. Parents and knowledgeable people of Dombivli & Kalyan, who have always stood behind us in our endeavour for noble cause of education to give our children a beautiful tomorrow and to make this world a better place to live in.

With warm regards.
Diwakar Shetty Indrali
Karnataka Sangha, Dombivli